C-5345/50 Sq. Ft. Microban Filter

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C-5345/Master Spas 50 Sq. Ft. Microban Filter for Vane Weir Filter Canisters – Used in spas not using the Eco-Pur Mineral Purification Filter system.  Filter can be used with the Nature 2 Filter Cartridge, or Leisure Time Spa Minerals Cartridge to provide Mineral Purification filtration.  Used in Contractor Series spas prior to 2011.

Measures: 5-5/16″ (OD) x 10-1/8″ (Length), with 2-1/8″ open end caps on both top & bottom end caps.  45 Sq. Ft. Filter, for Rainbow, Waterway, & Rec Warehouse S2/G2.  Alternate Part Number: PLBS50-M

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