Eco-Pur Filter Standpipe


Eco-Pur Filter Standpipe – For use with the Eco-Pur Mineral Purification Filter system.  Use with X268325 Eco-Pur Microban Outer Filter, & X268056 Eco-Pur Mineral Filter, & X268340 Filter Standpipe Lid.  Standpipe must be screwed into the spa’s filter wall fitting, & then the filters will slide over the standpipe, with the lid screwing on to the standpipe to hold everything in place.

Measures: 2-1/8″ (OD) x 9-1/8″ (Length), with 2″ male thread (MPT) on the bottom, & SAE thread on the top for the Standpipe Filter Lid to screw on to.

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