Master Clear Chlorine Granules 2 lb


Master Clear Chlorine Granules – 2 lb. – Granulated chlorine (di-chlor)

Master Clear Chlorine Granules is a Di-chlor chlorine sanitizer in powder form for quick-dissolving sanitizing of your spa’s water.  In this form, the chlorine is more pH neutral to keep from throwing of the pH & alkalinity balance of your spa’s water.  It is also one of the best sanitizers for treating higher temperature environments.  Di-chlor chlorine is the best type of chlorine to use with the Eco-Pur Mineral Purification filter system, & will keep your spa looking & smelling great, as it cleans & purifies your spa water, keeping it clear from bacteria & other contaminants.  Use daily or as a weekly shock treatment.

Equivalent to: Leisure Time Spa 56

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