Unicel C-4607 – 5 Sq. Ft. Intex Size A Filter

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Unicel C-4750 – 5 Sq. Ft. Intex Pools Size A (or Size C) Filter for Intex/Krystal Klear Above Ground Pools

Measures: 4-1/4″ (OD) x 8″ (Length) with 2″ (1-15/16″) open holes on the top & bottom end caps.  Works in place of the Unicel C-4606 5 Sq. Ft. Coleco F-120 Cartridge Filter as it measures exactly the same.  The C-4606 was discontinued by Unicel, & the only difference between the 2 filters is that the C-4606 had no core.

Works on all models for: Coleco F-120/DR-7, Krystal Klear Models 108R-12, Intex Sand-n-Sun, Wet Set, Easy Set Size “A” or “C”, & Aqua Leisure Size “2.”

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