Backyard Ideas

If you’re a visual person, then you may need a little inspiration for the design of your backyard oasis. Aqua Spas is happy to help. Our Installation Photos page features some of our favorite hot tub and swim spa backyard installations. Additionally, keep these tips in mind as you plan:

What is the purpose of your backyard oasis?

It’s important to determine the motivation behind adding a hot tub or swim spa to your backyard. Who will benefit? Are you looking for relaxation or a fun way to connect with your family? Will it be exclusively for your family or will you need space to entertain friends? The answers to these questions will shape the design and functionality of your backyard.

Where do you want the spa?

Depending on how close you want the spa to the house, you may need to install a patio. Putting a spa further out into the yard might warrant a deck. You also need to consider privacy. Check the views from all angles of your yard. Consider adding a privacy fence or tall shrubs to provide the feeling of seclusion in your backyard getaway.

How will the elements affect your spa?

When you decide on a location, also consider the elements. Where will the sun be at your peak usage times? Will there be shade during the day? Also consider how wind may affect the enjoyment of your hot tub. Some of these issues can be thwarted with the use of a Covana spa cover or shrubs to provide shade and block wind.

What do you want to see from your hot tub?
This is also the time to determine whether your backyard needs landscaping to complete the oasis. You want the view from your hot tub to be serene and relaxing. What will that require? Do you need the hot tub in a location that will allow you to see your kids playing in the yard? Consider your line of sight as you determine the spa’s location.

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