MP Legend LSX 850

LSX 850 Hot Tub

The all-new LSX 850 combines the luxury of the Legend Series with an open seating arrangement. Featuring 59 jets and premium therapy seats, up to seven adults can enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.
Cushioned Head Rests: 4
Dimensions: 94″ x 94″ x 38″
Dry Weight: 1,300 lbs
Filtration: EcoPur®
Gallons: 460
LED Lighting: Orion Light System
Master Blasters: 2
Number of Jets: 59
Power Requirements: 240v – 50 amps
Pumps: 3
Seating Capacity: 7
Water Features: 3
Weight: 6,565 lbs

Estimated Monthly Operations Cost: $24.05

LSX-850 Hot Tub

Colors Available



Michael Phelps Legend Series

Legendary performance for those who don't believe in second place.
Seats: 4-8
Pricing: $$$$$

Striving for contemporary appeal, the Michael Phelps Legend Series of spas brings together custom designed crystal-like jets, back-lit air controls and valves and stainless steel accents. When you add lighting and water features, it reveals the true art of the MP Legend designs.

Technological advances also make this spa series as modern as they come, with color display control panels and an app that works with your smartphone or tablet to program your hot tub with the swipe of a finger.

LSX 700

LSX 700

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LSX 800

LSX 800

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LSX 850

LSX 850

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LSX 900

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Experience the Magic of a MP Legend Hot Tub

MP Legend Series Hot Tub Gallery
MP Legend Series Hot Tub Gallery
MP Legend Series Hot Tub Gallery
MP Legend Series Hot Tub Gallery

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