Hot Tub & Swim Spa Covers

Protect your investment

Putting a hot tub in your backyard is a grand step toward a healthy lifestyle, embracing reduced stress and a great way to connect with your family and friends. So you’ll want to protect that investment.

The best protection from the elements, second only to the premium construction of one of the Master Spas we offer, is a spa cover. With a variety of options to fit your needs, Aqua Spas can find the right cover, at the right price, to prolong the life and reduce overall maintenance, freeing up more of your time to enjoy the benefits of your hot tub.  If you aren’t finding what you are looking for, please reach out to us to help answer questions for you.

Auto Cover

One convenient option is our very own Auto Cover which activates by the flick of a switch. You can see how it works by playing the demonstration video below:

Master Spas Axis Cover System

The Axis Cover System makes it easier for you to use your swim spa. Whether you’re looking for a simple solution for handling your swim spa cover or if you want the best swim spa cover on the market, the Axis Cover System is the best choice.

What is the Axis Cover System? It’s a unique rolling swim spa cover that can be used by most anyone. It has a low profile, making it ideal for custom swim spa installations.

Covana Spa Covers

What if you could access your hot tub with the simple turn of a key without ever again having to struggle with opening a cover or removing snow, ice or other debris? With Covana, you can equip your spa with one of the highest insulation covers on the market and then transform it into one of the most easily accessible … all within a mere 20 seconds and little effort! Take a look at the options below to learn more about these cover solutions.

Covana systems are more than just hot tub covers. They are also completely automated gazebos which offer you maximum comfort, safety and intimacy. Made in Canada using the latest, state-of-the-art materials, Covana products are designed to endure the most rigorous climates while saving you money on unnecessary water, heating bills and maintenance products. The video below demonstrates how Covana optimizes the use of your relaxation area.

Master Spa Covers

Master Spa covers are designed to match your Master Spas model so that you can feel confident you are getting the best fit. The covers are made, by hand, with high quality vinyl and high-density foam. The designs feature easy-to-grab handles and locks to keep the cover in place. Visit this article for how to keep your cover in good condition.

  • Traditional bi-fold covers have a vapor barrier, which protects the cover and prevents evaporation
  • High-density 5-inch foam for unmatched energy efficiency
  • Durable
  • Limited warranty
Master Spas Cover

Cover Lifters

If you are interested in a folding swim spa cover which is standard on our swim spas and hot tubs, a cover lifter can be installed. The lifter will make it easier to open and close your spa cover. We have several different types of lifters. For information, talk with your sales rep about options or contact us!

CoverMate I


Step up your cover lift offering with the CoverMate I. This is simply the highest quality and most sold cover lift on the market. Its time-tested performance, attractive appearance and obvious quality is apparent to everyone desiring a no-hassle cover lift. Enjoy great customer satisfaction with the CoverMate I.

Master Spas Cover

CoverMate II


These models allow the open cover to rest in a lower position for a slightly less-obstructed view. With two mounting system to choose from, the CoverMate II can be screw-mounted low on the spa, or simply slid underneath for spas with weaker skirts using the Understyle bracket system.

Master Spas Cover

CoverMate III


No other hydraulic cover lift offers the beauty, reliability and superior operation of the CoverMate III. Combine that with an aluminum full-frame construction and our stylish composite mounting brackets, and you’ve given your customers a perfect option with no heavy lifting.

Master Spas Cover

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