“Aqua Spas,
We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new spa! It is our little oasis here in Colorado! We have entertained our family in our new spa and they have all LOVED it! My husband and I relax in it often which gives us a chance to enjoy each other under the stars. We also bought an outdoor heater from you which also adds to the overall spa like atmosphere. We don’t need to go away on vacation; we just go out in our own yard! The color changing lights and multiple jets create a real vacation experience!
Thank you so much”
Greg and Sally Nicoll
“We purchased a new spa from Aqua spas in June 2014. We Love It! I had just started walking again from a fall resulting in breaking my right foot. I put my feet in front of the master blaster and my foot is feeling much better. My husband has diabetes and nerve damage in his legs and feet so he enjoys the master blasters as well. He also has shoulder problems and sits in the bio-magnetic seat which has helped him a lot.
We are so pleased with all the people at Aqua Spas. They are all so pleasant and informative about their products. We highly recommend them and their products.”
Lisa & Harold Grubbs
“We have owned our hot tub since 2002, Aqua Spas installed the hot tub for us and did an excellent job of teaching us how to care for our unit. The customer service has been excellent.”
J. Verhinden
“We just got our new spa from Aqua Spas. We traded in an old one that was with the house we bought. WOW! We felt so much better after we sat in our new one! We love our new one! The delivery crew was great!”
“Dear Aqua Spas,
Just a note to tell you how pleased I have been with the service and work you have provided for me. My 6 person spa is over 10 years old and the pump motor failed. I made a call to your service center in Fort Collins and even though I live in Greeley, they were able to arrange a service call the next day.
The service man called ahead to let me know what time he would be arriving and he was there on time and diagnosed the problem. He gave me the option to repair or replace the motor with a price quote for each option. I chose to replace the motor and he was able to get me spa back in operation quickly.
When I called to pay the bill by phone, I was told the pump motor had an additional discount on it and they reduced the price from the quote I received earlier. I was very pleased with the courteous treatment I received from all your employees and the quality of he service provided. I would recommend you as a great place to buy and maintain a spa from.”
Wayne Eads
“To Aqua Spas,
We wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed our H2X exercise pool that we purchased from your company. Thanks to this pool we can swim and exercise year around. We would also like to thank your knowledgeable staff for all the help with purchasing filters and products needed.”
Leo De Groof/ Mariane Maes
“Dear Jennifer,
My husband and I LOVE our Aqua Spa. We debated for years on whether we would use a spa enough to justify the cost. Now we enjoy our spa every night before turning to bed and rest beautifully. No more cold feet! The calming bubbles and relaxing stream of hot water help calm us from the day. For us, it has become a quality time to sit back and enjoy each other’s company. Thank you for such a good product.”
Susie Forehand
“Throughout the years we have experienced several of the Aqua Spas departments and have had great experiences with all. We purchased our spa about 6 years ago. The delivery guys were knowledgeable and took on an extra delivery that day so we could get and enjoy our tub on Valentine’s Day. We were in the Windsor tornado and the service department came out and did a thorough inspection of our spa and got it back to working order without any leaks. The parts department has also been great helping me get the right parts for our jets. Thank you for all the help you have been over the years.”
“Dear Aqua Spas,
As a customer for 25 years I am pleased to provide a great testimonial. We especially appreciate the low maintenance of the spa and prompt attention of technicians if needed. The staff has always been very helpful with supplies and when a new spa was purchased.
We are now on number 3!!”
Tom VonderHaar
“Thank you Aqua Spas,
We have had our Spa 3 years now. My husband and I are athletes so it has helped immensely with sore tight muscles, aches, and pains. The strong jets have helped my husband’s spine and back, as he has had problems with in the past. As for me, the jets can be a bit much, so I love that I can turn them off in the seat I am sitting in. Eight months out of the year we enjoy relaxing in the warm spa with the snow, cool crisp air, and even light rain at times. The other four months we turn the heat down enough so our kids can enjoy it when the sun is out. Our spa from Aqua Spas has been the best purchase and addition to our home and lives. We truly love and enjoy it!”
Rob and Tali Hill

“Aqua Spas,
We want to let everyone know how nice everyone at Aqua Spas is. You see this from the sales people to the delivery group. Even when I’ve had questions and had to call the office they have always been experts and courteous. We just want to say thank you to everyone . We will definitely continue to be back.”
Dom and Carmela Endres
“We have owned our hot tub since 2002. Aqua Spas installed the hot tub for us and did an excellent job of teaching us how to care for our unit. The customer service has been excellent.”
Jack Linden
“I have been doing business with8 Aqua Spas for about 6 years. The staff at Aqua Spas have always been friendly and there to answer any questions that we have. Unlike other businesses I have dealt with when they say they have a part, they have it and it is the correct part! A few months ago I called to see if they had a pad and diverter valve. They said they did and it was on the counter when I arrived.”
William Sathe
“Our experience with Aqua Spas has been fabulous! When we purchased our spa we had tons of questions. The folks at Aqua Spas were extremely patient and knowledgeable. The whole experience right down to delivery was very smooth and enjoyable. I would recommend any friend to start and stop their spa shopping at Aqua Spas. You can tell the folks at Aqua Spas enjoy what they do!
Thank you Aqua Spas”
The Gilsford Family
“I am more than happy to recommend Aqua Spas to EVERYONE!
From the moment my husband and I entered the showroom, we felt like family. We were NEVER pressured and were given as much time as we needed to look at all of the selections available. When we were ready to ask questions, we did not have to wait. We did not feel as if we had to “Make a decision immediately” in order to get a great deal. As a matter of fact, we left and looked at other places. We decided we liked the honest and integrity that we were shown so we came back and purchased the best spa we have ever owned! We have had three previous ones.
We did however, have a problem with the water turning green the first week. As it turned out it was NO PROBLEM! John was there on a weekend within less than one hour he analyzed the problem immediately and after ordering the part had it fixed within a week. He even gave us a new start up kit. He also gave us his card with a phone number so we could reach him personally.
It has been one year since our purchase and we ran into Paul, our salesman, at a Home and Garden Show in Greeley. He remembered not only us but also what spa we had purchased and the fact that I like to spend time exercising in the spa! Personally I think this is pretty remarkable.
The office staff has ALWAYS been more than helpful and very professional. I feel this is important because over the years I have purchased chemicals, etc. at another store and I always dreaded going because the guy at the counter did not appear to be interested in customer service.
I know that if we ever decide to trade this spa in we will definitely go to Aqua Spas!!
Robert and Chris Jones
“Dear Aqua Spas,
We have been enjoying our “Master Spa” Legend series for the past 3 ½ years. The staff there has always been very helpful. We’ve only had one service call because of a leak and of course because it was still under warranty there was no charge. Due to some major back problems the spa has been very soothing and relaxing. The rest of the family including grandkids look forward to using our spa every time they come to visit.
Thanks again”
Steve and Barbara Vratil
“Have been buying products from Aqua Spas for about six years now. I always shop around for the best prices and service and have found out that your store meets my needs and I like your service and products. I receive your emails and I take advantage of your specials.
I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thank you Jerry”
“I am writing this to let you know how happy I am with my Aqua Spa. I purchased it five years ago and use it every day; winter, spring, summer, and fall. I can honestly say there has not been one time that I haven’t said “thank you Lord for this hot tub”, for the difference it made in my well being and happiness is like a miracle. The older I have gotten the more I notice the effects of stress and muscle aches in my body, especially my shoulders and shoulder blades. At the end of a busy, crazy day my whole upper body hurts. I can hardly wait to get home to “slip into paradise”. The heat is so soothing and the jets hit those problem shoulders perfectly. I can honestly say that my spa is the only reason I am able to teach second grade all day and perform the duties of mayor of Gilcrest at night. After the massages of the jets and the hot water have relaxed me, I’m able to unwind and then sleep like a baby.
Thank you also for the superb service I’ve received, not only from the Greeley store where I pick up supplies and test my water, but from the Fort Collins store where I can count on expert advice from John or Jennifer. I know they know me by name and I can count on them to solve any problem I may have (which by the way is 99.9% Me not doing something correctly). I’m so glad I didn’t buy cheap, advertised spa from Denver …. That business went out of business!”
Robin Denman
“From the time we bought our 1st used hot tub in 1991, Aqua Spas has taken good care of us. Rich worked hard to keep that old fashion tub functioning. I remember him always saying “no problem it is just pieces and parts”!! Just this last month Jen has been so kind trying to figure out a filter to fit my tub. When the wrong size filter was ordered – she was so nice to send me the new one since I live in Estes Park!!
Thank you all for great service!!”
Carol Smid
“To whom it may concern,
I purchased my 2 person Hot tub from Aqua Spas June 2, 2008. They have been absolutely great for service when I needed it and ALWAYS on top for chemicals . They have treated me as a customer should be treated. When I decide to get another tub it will be from Aqua Spas.
Thank you”
Laura Hale
“Going to Aqua Spas has always been a pleasant experience. The employees are helpful and friendly, the products are easy to find and the prices seem to be lower than other spa stores. We had our tub repaired by Aqua Spas, and the technician was very friendly in spite of having to make several trips to find the exact part he needed. He worked with our schedules and we were only charged for one service call. Overall, we are always very happy to do business with Aqua Spas!”
Don Tiff