Hot Tubs

Imagine coming home from a hard day at work — or a long day at home with the kids. Dinner is done, kids are in bed, and you just want to relax. But vegging out in front of the television won’t take care of that tension in your neck. Reading a good book will help your brain check out, but your muscles still feel the weight of the day.

Creating a backyard oasis with a hot tub from Aqua Spas is the answer to your long-day woes. It’s also a great way to bring the family together. We have a variety of options and designs to fit your needs. As Colorado’s exclusive Master Spas dealer, we offer the best hot tubs on the market.

MP Legend

Striving for contemporary appeal, the Michael Phelps Legend Series of spas brings together custom designed crystal-like jets, back-lit air controls and valves and stainless steel accents. When you add lighting and water features, it reveals the true art of the MP Legend designs. Technological advances also make this spa series as modern as they come, with color display control panels and an app that works with your smartphone or tablet to program your hot tub with the swipe of a finger.

Twilight Series

The Consumer Best Buy Twilight Series from Master Spas adds a whole new level of relaxation to your backyard experience. World-class hydrotherapy comes together with the ambiance of cascading lights and soothing music to extend your relaxation possibilities long into the evening.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living Hot Tubs combine heat and massage elements to focus on the physical needs of a body always on the go. Promoting a buoyant balance, the Healthy Living series also boosts the healing responses from both mind and body. Contributing a necessary element of relaxation when striving for a healthy lifestyle, the Healthy Living series is the answer to your aches, pains and stresses of life, right in your own backyard.


Master Spas’ Clarity series is the syncopation of mind and body through security and comfort. Let your body conform to Clarity’s ergonomic seats and exhale the day away under the soothing pulse of 55 strategically placed therapeutic jets and the StressRelief™ Neck and Shoulder Seat. The Clarity series design improves circulation, targets key pressure points and restores wellness in a natural, relaxing way. Think “day spa” for every day, and find your Zen in your own backyard.


Master Spas Getaway Spas lightweight design means easy to move with the same unique features which make it a Master Spa. The Getaway Spa is your passport to relaxation. Relieve muscle aches and pains with strategically placed jets that melt away the stress of the day.