Buying Process

Our showroom is available for you, but we understand that you are going to do Internet research before stepping in our doors. So we are readily available to answer any questions over the phone or via email as you narrow down your selection. Once you’re ready to see the products in person, call us to make an appointment.

Buying Process for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

First and foremost, your Hot Tub and Swim Spa buying process should be fun, relaxing and exciting! Many of our customers are a first-time hot tub and swim spa owners, so when you call, email or browse our showrooms, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to share their expertise and answer any questions you might have. We are here to assist you with over 20 years experience in the spa industry!

We recommend you get a real feel for how the hot tub or swim spa fulfills your wants and needs, of its unique features, how it operates, how best to maintain it, and more. To really soak it in, we invite you to grab your swimsuit and come in for a dip in one of our showrooms. There’s no better way to experience your future tub or spa than to hop right in!

Once you’ve chosen a tub or spa, we arrange a visit to your site and coordinate delivery. We also offer some helpful tips on placement, landscaping and/or deck design. We then install your new tub or spa and teach you how to operate and maintain it so that you can enjoy your backyard oasis for years to come!

What to Expect

The buying process from initial contact to delivery and installation of your hot tub or swim spa can take from one month to a year. Here’s a breakdown of the process, so you have a better idea of what to expect:

1.    You make initial contact showing interest in a Swim Spa via our website, email or phone.
2.    Our sales manager will call you the next day, as well as send you an email containing our brochures and more information.
3.    We’ll follow-up with emails contains helpful details and tips for the purchasing process.
4.    You might call with further questions or to get ballpark pricing and we’ll email more information.
5.    You schedule your swim test of the models you’re interested in.
6.    We’ll provide you with pricing quotes, owners manuals and warranty information for your favorite models.
7.    Yard visit scheduled if necessary.
8.    You settle on your swim spa model and size and we send you the contractor checklist to help with the planning process for your new backyard oasis.
9.    Sales person provides you with information on cover lifts, accessories, special pricing incentives, and financing options.
10.    We conduct the yard visit, approve the delivery process and provide you with the final pricing quote, including any accessories and the crane/forklift fee for installation.
11.    You make the down payment on your new swim spa and make payment arrangements for the remaining balance. We sign the contract and finalize the order.
12.    Swim spa ordered. You begin the preparation process for your yard with the contractor, including landscaping, electrical and plumbing.
13.    We schedule the delivery based upon projected completion of your yard preparation, typically 4-6 weeks after your order is placed (timing can vary depending on the time of year and available stock).