Master Clear Bromine Tabs 1″ 5lb


Master Clear Bromine Tabs 1″ 5lb

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Tablet form bromine sanitizer
Master Clear Bromine Tablets are an alternative sanitizer to chlorine, although they do contain some chlorine (to activate the bromide molecule). It is an effective sanitizer, but must be kept out of sunlight, & it works best in heated water. Therefore it is not your best option for sanitizing outdoor pools, & should be used in heated indoor pools or spas. It is also most effective when used in conjunction with a non-chlorine oxidizer shock, such as the Master Clear Oxidizer. If you have any other questions on how to properly use bromine in your spa to use it effectively as an alternative to chlorine, please contact Aqua Spas, & a representative can answer any questions you might have.

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Additional information

Weight5 lbs
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