Spazazz Crystals French Vanilla “Calm”


Spazazz Crystals French Vanilla “Calm”

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The calming properties of Warm French Vanilla are known by everyone. For some it brings back the days as a child, baking with your mom. For others, it is the smell of a candle or the taste of ice cream. One thing is for sure, vanilla has a unbelievable was of reducing anxiety and stress. It is also considered an aphrodisiac for men, leading perfume companies to add it to their offerings. Spazazz Warm French Vanilla is a great way to unwind and to free some stress. It is also great for mixing together with other Spazazz products! Try experimenting! We do!
Additional Information: Indulge yourself with this enlivening blend of sensual aromas and moisturizing botanicals.
7 ounces / 482 grams
All natural ingredients
Spa Safe & Oil Free
Stress Reliever

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