Maximizing the usefulness of your spa goes beyond installing it in your backyard. Filters and chemicals make maintenance simple and worry-free. Covers and accessories extend the fun!

  • Accessories: Never strain to try to uncover your hot tub again. Browse the cover lifters we have available to not only make your spa more accessible but to prolong its usefulness. Add handrails to prevent the risk of falls. Spa fragrances add to the ambiance of your backyard oasis, taking you on a journey to total relaxation. These and many more of our best selling accessories are available to perfect your hot tub experience.
  • Filters: For water that will pass NSF drinking water standards, the Master Spas EcoPur Filtration System is the best on the market. Efficiently filtering out debris, contaminants, minerals, bacteria, fungi, and algae, your hot tub water will be safe and feel great. Browse our available filters and accompanying systems to maximize your spa experience.
  • Chemicals: Aqua Spas offer Leisure Time, BaquaSpa and Baquacil chemicals to sanitize your hot tub. Browse the sanitizers we have available, as well as test strips, start-up kits and anything else you may need to get your spa water sparkling and ready for use.
  • Parts: Keeping your hot tub or swim spa in tip-top shape is vital, and at Aqua Spas we have the parts you need. From pillows to medallions, circuit boards to button control boards, to jet nuts and bodies, we have an impressive inventory of parts to help you maintain your tub or spa.