H2X Challenger 18 D Pro

Challenger 18 D Pro Swim Spa

With the all new Challenger Pro, athletes and swimmers can train at a high level in the convenience of their home. This 18-foot swim spa features three dedicated swim pumps including two variable speed motors so even the best swimmers can set the pace. Designed for optimum performance, the Challenger Pro allows for a strong, current with even better visibility. Therapy seating and temperature controls allow for recovery and relaxation.

Dimensions: 215″x 94″x 60″
Water Depth: 50″
Water Capacity: 2,080 Gallons
Dry Weight: 2,840 lbs
Weight: 21,115 lbs
Power Requirements: 80 amps
Pumps: 4
Number of Jets: 45
Water Features: 5
Filtration: EcoPur® Charge
LED Lights: Waterline
Propulsion system: Airless VIP Technology

H2X Challenger 18 D Pro

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H2X Challenger Series Swim Spa Models

The Challenger Series bridges the gap between fitness and performance, so you can take your training to the next level. Challenger models feature an innovative jet system that does not introduce air into the water stream. With VIP Technology and six strategically placed jets, the system creates a smooth, wide current of water that can challenge a novice or elite swimmer with the press of a button. Plus, experience the hydrotherapy and relaxation you want and need.

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H2X Challenger 19 D

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H2X Challenger 18 D Pro

H2X Challenger 18 D Pro

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H2X Challenger 18 D

H2X Challenger 18

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H2X Challenger 15 D

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