H2X Trainer 15 Deep

Trainer 15 D Swim Spa

The Trainer 15 D features a large uninhibited area that is perfect for family fun and exercise. Easier to maintain and with a smaller footprint, this swim spa is an ideal alternative to a traditional pool.

Dimensions: 180″x 94″x 60″
Water Depth: 50″
Water Capacity: 1,895 Gallons
Dry Weight: 2,575 lbs
Weight: 19,305 lbs
Power Requirements: 50 amps
Pumps: 2
Number of Jets: 43
Water Features: 5
Filtration: EcoPur® Charge
LED Lights: Waterline
Propulsion system: Air-Injected VIP Technology

H2X Trainer 15 deep

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H2X Fitness Swim Spa Models

The H2X premium jetted swim and fitness spa isn’t just for the swimming experience without the inconvenience of maintaining a full size swimming pool. Revel in the full-body effects of an aquatic workout that the H2X provides. With form fitting seats, a flat floor and spirited jets, the possibilities for aquatic resistance exercise are virtually endless. You can also revel in the benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxation, and a sleek design that complements any backyard.

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H2X Trainer 19 D

H2X Trainer 19 deep

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H2X Trainer 19

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H2X Trainer 18 D

H2X Trainer 18 deep

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H2X Trainer 15 D

H2X Trainer 15 deep

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H2X Trainer 15

H2X Trainer 15 deep

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H2X Trainer 12

H2X Trainer 12

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